Robins Migration- Greater Newark Conservancy Celebrates Robin Doughtery Legacy

Today the Greater Newark Conservancy is celebrating the Legacy of Robin Doughtery 21 years as the Executive Director.

More than just beautifying Newark, Robin Doughtery has been a strong voice advocating for overall health and accessibility to healthy foods. Under 21 years of leadership, the Greater conservancy created one of the largest Urban Farms. In cities like Newark where the USDA classifies it as a “food desert”- the need to fill the gap in food disparity is evident. During COVID 19 where there was a nationwide shortage in delivering and keeping up with the demand for food, The Greater Conservancy became an instrument in aiding in emergency food distribution. Over the course of the pandemic, they successfully served over 1300 Newark seniors and families.

 One of her most highlighted accomplishments is the Newark Youth Leadership Project (NYLP). This helped cultivate opportunities for local high school and college students in the city. Scrolling through Citybloom87 social media Instagram Account, you see the various post of interns and mentors who have shared the invaluable impact and experiences NYLP has made in their lives. One of the students Brianna shared just how much the program has reshaped her path and career.

“During my Internship in NYLP, I gained public speaking skills, introduction to various colleges and discovered the joy I derived from teaching others. Now in my career in Education, I am a Director of Curriculum and instruction, being able to lead, Educate, Support, and advocate for the needs of my students. I am forever grateful to Greater Newark Conservancy and NYLP for shaping my path”

– Brianna  Myers, NYLP Intern, and Mentor (6 years)

To honor Robin Doughtery's legacy the Greater conservancy- due to COVID- will be hosting a stay-at-home-luncheon, as well as accepting donations for a new bird-watching station that will be located at the Judith L Shipley Outdoor learning center.

For more information on NYLP, where to donate, volunteer, and view their upcoming events please visit their website

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